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Explore my collection of books and music, carefully curated to offer you the best of both worlds. This selection includes a wide range of genres and styles, so there's something for everyone.


Explore the Best of Both Worlds with These Must-See books

Bí quyết vẽ phim hoạt hình: Bài học từ animator hàng đầu thế giới
Richard Williams
Tell Me You Love Me
Demi Lovato


Discover Exciting Adventures in These Must-Read Books

The First in Line Sketchbooks
A must-have for fans of Mattias Adolfsson and anyone who appreciates beautiful artwork.

Predictably Irrational
A must-read for anyone interested in the psychology of decision-making.


Discover talented and authentic artists who experiment and grow with their music. Give them the attention they deserve. Some divas survive on one hit song for years, but not here.

James Arthur's songwriting, authenticity, and versatile voice make him stand out from other X Factor winners. His vulnerability and honesty have helped him build a strong connection with his fans.


Don't miss Phạm Trần Phương's new song and creative music video that tackles Vietnamese public behavior. His countertenor voice is amazing and perfect for my taste in music.

Fake Happy

A young talented singer-songwriter's work, featuring meaningful lyrics, nice accents, and a unique music video experimentation.


His lyrics are insane and he directs some of his music videos. His work is complex and stunning, featuring a soft, romantic voice that can also scream with pain.


Versatile singer with male/female voices, multilingual. Kind/humorous personality, judge on music talent shows.

confession of a broken heart

At the young age of 19, Lindsay Lohan impressed many by writing and directing her own song.


I recommend a film, documentary, or series that showcases the power of design thinking and innovative concepts. It explores how the masters approach problems from a unique perspective, creating solutions that are both functional and beautiful. With interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, it offers a fascinating look into the world of design and is sure to inspire.


A heartwarming and visually stunning reality show that showcases the high design skills of its 3 hosts: Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini. The show features couples who have faced unique challenges and are in need of a dream wedding.


Chef's Table

A beautifully crafted documentary series that explores the lives and work of some of the world's most talented and innovative chefs. Each episode takes viewers on a journey through the chef's creative process and showcases their unique culinary style.