FLORA of Southeast Asia Review
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FLORA of Southeast Asia Review

Uncover the highs and lows of the latest exhibition in our honest review, from impressive artwork to missed potential.





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18/07/2023, 11:30

1. Introduction

What if, one day, we would only see these plants on digital platforms?

The Flora exhibition is held at De La Sól – Sun Life Flagship located at 244 Pasteur, D.3, HCMC, from July 6th to July 16th, 2023.
Through a visually stunning and interactive display, the exhibition promises to challenge visitors' perceptions of the natural world in the digital age. As a plant enthusiast, I was excited to see what this exhibit offered.

2. Overview

The exhibition was divided into three sections.

  1. The first section displayed flora art reprints from various Thai artists, alongside live plant species intersecting between the art space.
  2. The second section featured a large mural on transparent glass, creating an immersive atmosphere.
  3. Lastly, there was a digital screen room where visitors could take photos and videos. But the digital animations are not interactive, limiting visitors' ability to engage with this section.

The Flora exhibition aimed to showcase Southeast Asia's diverse and beautiful flora, which was undoubtedly a brilliant idea. However, the execution of the exhibition fell below expectations.

FLORA of SEA_2023-07-18

While the variety of designs was impressive, the exhibition's layout left much to be desired. It needed to be better organized, not making navigating challenging. The lighting was also quite distracting, with shadows and harsh spotlights making it hard to appreciate the colors and details of the art.

On a personal note, I visited the exhibition with a non-art friend, and we recorded a Q&A video featuring our thoughts and impressions. The video was intended as a review for our friends who couldn't join us, not a critique of the exhibition. However, as we discussed our feelings about the exhibition, we offered constructive criticism, which can help with future display.

Sun Life Floral of SEA Jul 2023

3. Content Review

As someone who has visited an embarrassingly large number of museums and exhibitions around the world, I think:

  1. Some of the art displayed was outstanding, showcasing excellent techniques and skills. However, a few pieces really should have been excluded from the collection. Many artists had barely 40 likes on Instagram. I enjoy that they get a chance to show off their talents.
  2. Moving on to the large glass, it could have been a real highlight of the exhibition. Because who doesn't love staring at giant, colorful murals? It drew me into the exhibition's theme until the poor execution and lighting shocked and confused me.
  3. As for the digital screen room, I won't even bother mentioning it. The whole thing felt like trying to create art without telling a story. What's the point of digital screens if you can't interact with them other than taking video?

It was fascinating to see visitors questioning the authenticity of some of the art on display. However, regarding the central theme of the disappearance of plants, the curator could have put in a lot more effort. It is a complex and vital topic that deserves a more thoughtful and engaging presentation. The exhibition fell short of its potential to raise awareness and educate visitors on this critical issue.

4. Overall Impression

As a visitor, I feel that the public deserves better than what the Flora exhibition delivered. The excuse of time constraints is not valid for a lackluster exhibition. If an exhibition is presented to the public, it should be done correctly and carefully. Unfortunately, the Flora exhibition failed to impress some groups, leaving visitors underwhelmed.

While it's true that the Flora exhibition may not have been targeted toward people like me, it's still essential to hold exhibitions to a high standard. If an exhibition is presented to the public, it should be engaging and well-executed, regardless of its target audience. Alice

Furthermore, seeing that the exhibition was created mainly for marketing is unpleasant. While it's understandable that companies must reach out to their target audience, it's a shame when art is used solely for commercial gain. It's important to remember that art has the power to inspire, educate, and engage audiences in ways that go beyond marketing objectives.

5. Conclusion

As a society, we must encourage the younger generation to learn to appreciate and embrace art, not just use it as a backdrop for selfies. While taking photos or videos can capture a moment, it's important to remember that we can't fully live and enjoy the moment if we're constantly behind the camera lens. Art should be appreciated for its value as a means of expression and communication.

Please continue exploring the art world by attending exhibitions and engaging with artists. Developing your perspectives and comparisons can provide valuable insights and deepen your art appreciation.

The following is an example of how exhibitions on the same theme are held in Thailand.

It could appear very different in the eyes of youngsters, I know. You may have seen this video on Tiktok.

@capujyno Triển lãm FLORA of Southeast Asia đang diễn ra từ 6/7-16/7 (9am-9pm), mng đến trải nghiệm nhé ✨? #trienlam #exhibition #floraofsoutheastasia #xuhuong #saigon ♬ Where Have You Been x The Hills - DJ L BEATS

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