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How Big Brand Write a Compelling Brand Story

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01/01/2023, 17:02

1. Introduction

" We would be nothing without our story. "
 Richard Branson

Brand stories outline a company or organization's history, values, and mission. It can be about the company's history and mission and what makes them special, allowing customers to associate your company with positivity and good business ethics. Thus, the company establishes relationships with users and attracts new customers. A good brand story helps businesses connect with their target market. Companies use brand stories to strengthen their brands and create trust in their products. Ultimately, this helps generate revenue and improve the reputation of the business.

Additionally, knowing who your competition is can help you determine where to focus your efforts to stay ahead of the curve. Lastly, understanding data and analytics helps track progress and refine strategies over time. Ultimately, all of these elements come together to shape a strong brand presence that stands out among others. With creative vision and strategic implementation, businesses can successfully differentiate themselves from the rest of the market and attract more customers. Companies must remain agile and adjust their approach to keep up with changing trends and stay relevant in today's ever-evolving landscape.


2. The Most Important Branding Terms You Should Know About | by Alice Le

When it comes to branding and marketing, there are many key concepts to understand. Firstly, a brand's purpose is to create a unique identity that resonates with consumers and sets them apart from their competitors. A successful brand must be well-crafted, consistent, and capable of conveying an emotional message that speaks directly to its target audience. To do this, marketers use storytelling, customer engagement, and influencer marketing tactics to build trust in their brands. A successful marketing strategy should also include research into consumer trends, competitive analysis, and data-driven insights. Knowing how people think and behave is essential for creating compelling messages, advertisements, and campaigns that resonate with customers.

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Tems * Meaning
Brand Identity
Brand Conviction The skin attractiveness comes from beauty
Brand Value Conservation, self-enhancement, openness to change, self-transcendence
Brand Personality Optimistic - Trust - Love - Friendly - Gentle
Brand Mission To provide moisturizing personal care products for all women to experience real beauty and enjoy better skin
Emblematic Product Dove Beauty Bar


3. How to Create a Brand Story in Under 30 Seconds

The Ultimate Brand Story Template with Examples of How It Can be Used as an Introduction, Success Story, or Outcome. Mastering the rules can help us create compelling narratives that touch and sell.


Think Mission Show how the product or service can improve the consumer's life. You don't need to CHANGE the world, just IMPROVE.
Add Emotion Remember consumers are driven by emotion
Be Relatable Involve the people you are selling to your messages
Stay Honest Make believable, do not sugarcoat products' usages. Consumers are clever


4. Famous Brands That Use Brand Stories for Future Success

Check out Emma Bullen 's article. She breaks down how well-known brands tell their stories and connects business and storytelling.


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