The role of the body in performance art
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The role of the body in performance art

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09/05/2023, 17:02

In some Asian countries, including Vietnam, it is not uncommon for beauty pageant winners and young girls to take photos of their bodies as a way to commemorate their youthful beauty. However, this practice has sparked controversy regarding its artistic and moral implications. In this blog post, I aim to explore the idea of using the human body as a tool for artistic expression, rather than simply objectifying it.


Naked for the environment

1. I. Introduction

2. II. The Human Body as a Tool for Artistic Expression

3. III. The Controversy Surrounding the Beauty Industry and Body Photography

4. IV. Balancing Artistic Expression and Responsibility

5. V. Conclusion

The role of the body in performance art: Performance art often involves the use of the artist's own body as a medium. "



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