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Designing for Impact

I am all about telling stories and ensuring your brand stands out and achieves its goals.

I tailor every project to meet your marketing objectives and curate strategies for effective visual communication. As a creative with specialized abilities in marketing and all form of video production, I create visuals that truly captivate audiences and use storytelling to make powerful impressions.

Alice Le | Quynh Anh | 黎 琼 英

Quote: ' No point in defining my style. In the end, it's all about telling a story. I tell brand stories, engage people visually & encourage them to experience. '

Traits: a creative mind, a risk-taker, a decent person, and an obstinate cat-lover.

L: HCMC / Remote / Freelance or Permanent everywhere

M: +65 8034 0190 | +84 908 884 598



Alice Le


 Didde Pilgaard | Communication Head @ Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping
We are all extremely happy with the resolt and it is getting a lot of attention on our social media. I am super impressed ...
 Bruce Bolden | Senior Colorist @ Radley Studios, Los Angeles
Our clients were always blown away. Her Instincts and Creativity are incredible.
 Kritsanakorn | Producer @ Real Bangkok, Thailand
Productive outstanding as professional needs, good communication and get through the point...
 Luu Ng | Assoc. Marketing Manager @ VAEC
She contributes inspiration, ideas, and also solutions.
 Tuan Tran | 3D Artist @ The Box Collective
Alice is a gifted negotiator with a rare combination of patience and aesthetics.

Clients  Resume

I already worked for agencies and clients of 8 countries, including Sweden, US, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Canada and Japan, just to realise that there are still so many opportunities to explore and learn from.

World Largest's Toy Manufacturer. Discovery. Unicharm. Unilever. Maersk. Masan. Widex. Samsung. Grundfos. Johnson's. Novo Nordisk. Nutifood. Traphaco. Rohto.

Brand Strategy. R&D. Asia Markets
Creative Execution
Project & Team Management
TV Commercials. Viral Clips. Motion Graphics. Visual Effects


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